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Jaclyn | Half Marathon Runner


The salve was crucial in training for my first half marathon. I rubbed it onto the front/back of my knees, ankles, and occasionally my lower back before and after running. This, along with taking the Premium CBD Oil capsules daily, helped with muscle recovery and inflammation. Proud to say I reached my goal and crossed the finish line in 2:01:02! I'll definitely continue to use these products in preparation for my next race. Highly recommend the salve for athletes prone to soreness or swelling!

Maxine | Using a Walker to a Cane to No Cane in just 27 Days


I was introduced to Kannaway by a friend who handed me a travel/sample “Salve”, a topical cream for soreness (joints and muscles and dry skin). He suggested several times I learn more about CBD and the associated health benefits and attend an educational event that his associate Rich DeLucia provides at no charge. I attended one of their meetings July 2018.

I met Mike who talked about his experience with their products. He was in his mid-seventies. He was telling his story about how he started taking the product just two weeks earlier after attending a CBD education event Rich presented. He said just two weeks earlier could hardly walk and was bent down, using a cane. But when I saw him, he was standing straight and walking normally. He also said that after 8 weeks he was able to straighten up and walk fast. I couldn’t believe it.  Well, I said to my friends, if he can do that, 

I can do it too!!!

That night I signed up right away and ordered my first products a “Pure Starter Value Pack”, which includes, one bottle of Humulus-Oil (like CBD) and one bottle of pure CBD Oil and one jar of “Salve”.

That was the wisest move I've ever made.


I Forgot to mention, the reason I was interested in trying these products, I have bad arthritis and was recovering from two operations – one right knee replacement and one left hip replacement. But my determination was to be able to walk without the walker in 8 weeks. Well I did it in two weeks of taking this quality CBD oil supplement. 

I made my goal…..walking with a cane. One day I walked outside to my friend’s car and did a little dance for him, without the cane.  Someone saw me do that through the window of the reception area and she thought – oh my… look at Maxine – she was on a walker two weeks ago!! I’ve got to ask her how this happened.  She signed up right away and is doing much better with her pain and her disease fibromyalgia. 

So, I am walking much better – without the cane – in the house and just a little bit with it for going outside on sidewalks and roads. 

Call and speak with Rich DeLucia to learn more about this great supplement, 203-942-9323, tell him Maxine sent you😊

Eric | Another Salve Success Story

 What is the cream you gave me that night at Murphy's ?  

I know you wont be surprised how it worke

What is the cream you gave me that night at Murphy's ?  

I know you wont be surprised how it worked but you can add this story to your resume .  

The night you saw me I actually had QT tape on my rotator cuff. I couldn't even lift my arm in the morning without help to turn on the radio. Usually I do rehab work and tape and it goes away but always comes back. 

I waited a few days to try it to make sure my weekend of tape didn't strengthen it up . So next day after applying it I could turn my radio on and could increase the rehab without pain. With only a little left in the jar I woke up one night after rolling over on my shoulder . I applied the little bit that I had left and the pain went away and was able to sleep .  

I have been meaning to get ahold of you to ask what I you gave me . Somebody else showed me some and it smelt horrible and I didn't even consider using it . Here is the testimonial and you can use it . I see all the effort you are putting in keep up the good work . 


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Q1. Will CBD-Oil get you high!?

A1. No, not if it is made/extracted properly, and THC is added to it.

Q2. How much CBD should I take?

nominaly 50 to 60mg /day for a normal healthy adult to support the endocannabinoid system.

Are all CBD's the Same?

Yes CBD is CBD no matter what the source however, 


b) Not all companies use good manufacturing practices or get their products tested for purity or quality. 

c. Third Party Triple Labe Testing is important to ensure proper amount of CBD and only trace amounts of THC (under 0.30%)  are present