Hemp CBD oil products "Pure" (0.00% thc) and Full Spectrum

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  • Kannaway’s Hemp Oil is derived from 100% legal non-GMO European industrial hemp, utilizing our proprietary extraction methods to extract the hemp oil from the mature stalk. The key to our proprietary extraction method is to achieve an “essential plant complex”, which is rich in cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, waxes and chlorophyll that are essential to the human body.To ensure our products will meet the highest quality standards, each batch of hemp oil undergoes our Triple Lab Testing™, which includes 3 separate tests of your product between harvest and final packaging for sale.We were the first in the industry to create testing processes like these, ensuring that every natural product we offer is free of contaminants and of the highest quality possible. 

Gold Premium Hemp Oil 3600mg / Tube

  • Kannaway Gold Premium Hemp Oil is a full-spectrum, filtered CBD hemp oil, extracted from the hemp plant and packaged pure with no other ingredients or additives. If you’re looking for a high concentration of CBD, Kannaway Gold is for you. Kannaway Gold contains more CBD per serving than any other product we offer. Each 15 gram tube contains 30 servings for a month’s worth of daily CBD hemp oil supplements. Kannaway Gold Premium Hemp Oil is our highest potency product in the store, providing 120 mg of CBD per serving and 3600 mg of CBD per tube. Kannaway Gold Premium Hemp Oil is decarboxylated to maximize CBD content and put through an additional filtration process to remove the hemp oil’s excess waxes, chlorophyll, and plant material, giving the oil its golden color and refined taste. 

Premium Hemp Oil / 1000mg CBD / Bottle

  •   Providing all the same benefits as the Premium Hemp Oil in our oral applicators, Kannaway Premium Hemp Oil Liquid is made with a full-spectrum cannabinoid blend of hemp oils. Each 4 oz bottle of Kannaway Premium Hemp Oil Liquid contains 1000 mg of CBD from non-decarboxylated and decarboxylated hemp oil – over 33 mg of CBD per serving – combined with medium-chain triglyceride oil derived from wholesome coconut oil. Kannaway Premium Hemp Oil Liquid is an excellent daily source of both CBDa and CBD, essential vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, fiber and protein, terpenes, flavonoids, and other trace cannabinoids. Kannaway Premium Hemp Oil Liquid is our new naturally high-CBD hemp oil product, invigorating your system while promoting overall homeostasis. 


  • Radiant and glowing skin starts with clean, clarified skin. Our natural and gentle anti-aging cleanser uses Hemp CBD Oil, Dragon's Blood and Artemesia to nourish and deeply cleanse the skin. The natural cleansing properties of multiple herbal extracts remove dirt, makeup, dead skin cells and excess surface oil without drying the skin. Leaves skin feeling refreshed, hydrated, nourished and radiant. 

Gold Premium Oil

  •  This HempVAP® atomizer cartridge combines 100 mg of CBD from hemp oil with sustainably sourced medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil and is flavored with organic terpenes like alpha-pinene, myrcene, limonene, and linalool for an all-natural botanical flavor. Your daily CBD is just a flavorful puff away with our terpene-infused vape. 

3 Step Daily Skin Care

 The Kannactiv™ line is built on three basic steps:

  • Activate - a gentle scrub to wipe away dirt, excess oil and dry, dead skin cells
  • Balance - a nutrient-rich, alcohol-free toner with natural astringent and pH balancing properties that deeply cleanses the pores without excessive drying of the skin
  • Clarify - a light moisturizer that hydrates and protects skin cells to function at their optimal level giving you healthy, radiant looking skin.